The best things in life

  • are not things

  • is Life

About Me

I'm an enthusiast who enjoy the online digital world.
I make high quality design, graphics and clean HTML5 and CSS3 codes.

Take a time out, just switch off the reality and enjoy.
Let you leading by your own thoughts and stay in your fantasy a while.
Fantasy is the ability to think in pictures.

Wolfgang Burlet

Lead Designer & Founder
eidg. FA Wirtschaftsinformatiker


Even this site is in progress and maybe never ending ...
But if You are ready to start a new project,
I'm are here for you!

Contact me


  • off-on design, Schlossgässli 4, 8458 Dorf
  • +41 (0)79 706 01 43
  • off-on design


  • MO - FR : 08:00 - 17:00
  • SA + SO : geschlossen